Champions in the Environmental Sustainability and Protection Industry

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CWS provides recycling, waste management and materials brokering services to public and private sector clients worldwide.

Shortly after arriving here from Vietnam in 1981, the Duong family started CWS’ predecessor, Cogido Recycling, which was sold to a national solid waste company in 1990.

In 1992 CWS earned a contract to collect and process recyclables in the City of Oakland and since winning that first contract, CWS has grown into an international force in the industry.

CWS began processing the majority of residential recyclable material for the City of San Jose in 2000 and in 2006, San Jose selected CWS to both collect and process those materials.

CWS operates recycling plants in Oakland and one in San Jose as well as support facilities for its truck fleet and collections operations.

The company’s highly qualified staff includes professionals with local and international waste management experience.

In addition to materials collections and processing, CWS brokers recycle materials, both nationally and international markets.

California Waste Solutions CEO, David Duong, attributes the company’s success to several factors including, “ . . . quality customer service, a dedicated and committed team, innovation, maintaining a laser focus on the markets nationally and internationally, and planning for the future.”


California Waste Solutions Means Quality Customer Service


As a minority-owned firm that began in Oakland, many doubted CWS’s ability to get the job done. But through hard work, the team at CWS made sure that every customer was treated with respect. The company maintains customer service offices in each of the cities it serves and hires local residents who know and understand the needs of the community.


California Waste Solutions Requires A Dedicated and Committed Team of Environmental Specialists.

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As a family-owned company, CWS hires locally and treats each of its team members like family. Most team members are union members who receive some of the best pay and benefits in the industry. For their part, team members look out for one another, focus on getting their jobs done efficiently, safely and correctly.

As environmental specialists, they understand the company’s goal of working toward a zero waste planet and take pride in the contributions they make toward moving closer to achieving that goal on a daily basis.


California Waste Solutions Celebrates Innovation

A Small Company Grows to be a Giant in the Industry using the “Single Stream” Recycling Model.

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Remember when recycling meant that you had to have several recycling bins, one for paper, one for plastics, one for glass, etc.? Using the latest in laser and other technologies, California Waste Solutions introduced the “Single Stream” Recycling Model. Our techniques and technology allow customers to put all of their recycling materials in one container. We transport those materials to our facilities where we separate the various materials and then process them into raw materials or re-used products.


Many waste management companies said “Single Stream” couldn’t be done.

How did California Waste Solutions do it?

Hard work. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We separate the recycled materials so our customers don’t have to.


What happens with recycled materials once they are picked up and separated?

California Waste Solutions transports recycled commodities worldwide so they can be put to their best environmental and economic use. In addition, the company maintains processing facilities in Viet Nam such as paper mills to reprocess materials to be returned to the marketplace, thereby closing the recycling loop.


California Waste Solutions Remains Market Focused

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To keep our residential rates as low as possible and return the best value to our business customers, CWS uses very sophisticated techniques to monitor and get the best prices out of international markets.


California Waste Solutions Plans For the Future


CWS is constantly upgrading our service, our equipment, our training, our place in the market and the other elements of our business that enable us to lead market technology and trends. We are most proud of the facilities upgrades planned for Oakland and Viet Nam.


California Waste Solutions – Zero Waste Specialists

Taking the Lead in the Environmental Sustainability and Protection Industry