Health and Safety

CWS has a comprehensive safety program that includes an Injury Preventive Program (IIPP). Safety and environmental programs are intended to ensure that employees fully understand how to conduct their jobs in a safe and productive manner. CWS provides training to our employees using human behavior learning methods, including verbal and visual training tools, interactive discussions, small group discussions and review of scenarios, as well as, hands on one-on-one supervisor and driver ride along check outs.

We provide comprehensive equipment check-out rides, driver safety, and prevention training in commercial and residential settings.

CWS conducts weekly and monthly safety and training meetings among managers and workers. CWS applies specialized curriculum for collection and processing operations, as well as, for office and clerical operations. CWS safety programs include such topics as: workplace harassment, violence, and drug abuse.

CWS has low accident and injury rates, but all incidents are investigated completely. Investigations find the root-cause of the incident and whether it was either preventable or non-preventable. In either case,

CWS determines what role it can take to continuously improve safety. CWS conclusions are shared among its entire company so that all operations can learn and prevent future incidents of accident or injury.

CWS has a safety incentive program that measures and ranks safety performance as a key performance metric. These metrics include: participation in training, reporting of hazards, successful inspections and safe operating behaviors. Awards and recognition are provided within the departmental segments.

It is the policy of CWS that every employee is entitled to a safe work place. To this end, every reasonable effort is made to provide the employees with great information and training. CWS complies with all local, state and federal rules and regulations.