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5 Ways to Reduce Waste

  1. Take your own bag or box to the supermarket or re-use plastic shopping bags.
  2. Use Rechargeable batteries.
  3. Use Tupperware® or other re-usable containers instead of disposables.
  4. Buy products made from recycled materials.
  5. Recycle as much as possible.


U.S. Company Takes on Waste in Vietnam

An agreement was inked Tuesday between Ho Chi Minh City officials and a foreign-owned company to enable waste processing in the country´s largest—ever waste processing complex.

The agreement to allow the company to process the waste was signed between the city´s Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Solid Waste Solutions Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the California Waste Solutions Inc. in the US, the project initiator.

The US$90 million Da Phuoc complex, located in the city´s suburban Binh Chanh district, comprises of a plant capable of sorting 3,000 tons of garbage a day—more than half of the city´s total daily waste, and another producing fertilizer from organic waste besides an environment—sound dumping site.

The complex is expected to be operational in March 2007, said expat Vietnamese David Duong, CEO of California Waste Solutions Inc., who runs other similar plants in the US.

The complex will replace the Go Cat waste processing site in Binh Tan district which closed later last year and help tackle waste treatment, a major issue for the area over the past 19 years, Duong added.

California Waste Solutions is ranked 46th among 100 US leading waste collection, processing and recycling companies.

Reported by Mai Vong – Translated by Ngoc Hanh

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