Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Set your cart out the night before collection day whenever possible.
  • Place your recycling cart 2 feet away from any other carts.
  • No food wrappers or other food contaminated paper in your cart.
  • No needles or other medical waste in your cart.
  • No garbage in your cart.


San Jose, CA

In 2000, San Jose diverted 64 percent of its total waste stream from landfills, surpassing the State requirement to reduce disposal by half. As a result, San Jose is the nation’s recycling leader among cities of its size.


Residential Collections:

In 2002, CWS partnered with the City of San Jose’s largest recyclables collector to process material picked up through the city’s residential curbside program. CWS’ San Jose plant is permitted to receive up to 530 tons daily of material from this single-stream program. In 2006, the San Jose City Council awarded CWS the franchise to both collect and process approximately 157,000 of the city’s single-family curbside set-outs starting in July, 2007.

What's Recyclable?

Large Item Pickup, Also Known as Bulky Pickup Information

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Oakland, CA

Oakland is pursuing the goal of being a Sustainable City and CWS is a proud supporter of the city’s Zero Waste Goal by 2020.


Residential Collections:

California Waste Solutions has collected and processed recyclable material for the City of Oakland since 1993. Approximately 40,000 single family, and 30,000 multi-family households are serviced through the City’s residential program. Each household in the CWS’ collection area is provided one gray, 64-gallon recycling cart in which to place all of their recyclable materials.

Here’s a quick list of acceptable recyclables to give you an idea of how to recycle in Oakland.

Small Business Program:

The Small Business Recycling Program in Oakland offers affordable recycling collection to qualified Oakland businesses. CWS offered this program in partnership with the City of Oakland to businesses in North or West Oakland only. To sign up, for more information, or if you have questions about eligibility for the Small Business Program in East Oakland, please visit the City of Oakland Small Business Recycling website.

Visit the Oakland Recycles website for more information